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Screen printing is the ideal process when high coverage, accuracy of detail and colour strength are required to achieve brilliant, high-grade pictorial effects. One particular feature of screen printing is its ability to produce what is known as the "no-label" look with transparent label being applied to the packaging. The Screen printing plates for rotary screen printing form a unique microstructure of stabilised fabric and the perfect structural balance of photosensitive coating ensuring maximum printing quality and consistency used for extreme fine lines, solids and relief printing. Screen printing also leads to various interesting possibilities including:

  • Metallic Doming

  • Security printing

  • 3D printing for reliefs

  • Varnishing, both matt and gloss effects

  • Tactile printing 

  • Printing of large-size pigments


In addition to the rotary silkscreens,

we also supply a range of flatbed silkscreens.

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