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Here's where the real magic happens. Never content with the 'also ran' approach we have worked to push the software available, alongside our press knowledge to give a stable and bespoke repro. We will always show you a proof that can be achieved on a specific press, each product is treated with TLC. We know how colours work and how presses react. We know you want a quick set up, clean run and no compromises. Esko Automated Engine is our specialist flexo bag of tricks... Developed several years ago and designed to address common print issues. We are continually improving and adding to its arsenal to meet new challenges. There is too much to tell here — but we would be delighted to talk to you about this portfolio of speciality products and its benefits to you.

Unwelcome costs often arise when you are getting a project going. Brand extensions can be expensive because you pay 'creative prices', but don't always receive creative work in return. We will look after your additional product types, different colours or sizes at the artwork stage, saving you a whole level of work later.  If you need visual help with a new product we can offer several options. Interactive or static 3D representations for instance. Static might be useful for your online shop, meanwhile the interactive is a handy tool for presentations, as you can view the picture from all angles. If you prefer something you can actually hold, we can supply short run mock-ups on your substrate. These could be useful for showing your new product at an exhibition before you even go to the expense of a press. 

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